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Office Space?

A temporary building as an office offers the advantage of a dedicated, flexible workspace that can enhance productivity, provide a professional setting for meetings, and can be relocated or repurposed as business needs evolve.

Sleep Outs

A temporary building as a sleepout offers a convenient, customizable solution for guest accommodation, providing privacy and comfort, and preserving the primary living space, while being easily repurposable when not needed for sleeping.


Renting a temporary building offers cost-effective flexibility, providing a tailored space for diverse needs such as offices or sleepouts, without the long-term financial commitment or permanence of a traditional building.

Portable cabin next to a small pond

About Us

Designed and Made Locally in the Bop

Portacabinz Limited, design, manufacture, and deliver portable buildings, whether it be a spare room, sleep-out, office space, smoko room or just extra storage space, we will provide a solution to fit your needs.

All materials used to build our cabins are New Zealand products ensuring quality long lasting units.

We are able to rent to our customers a cabin to suit their needs, or we are able to custom build a cabin for purchase. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your plans and requirements. We are able to build you a cabin that will meet campground regulations.

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